August 17, 2017

The Kindergarten and Senior Class Rewarded with Corner Coop Ice-Cream

The Reading Carnival is almost here, and raising money is always something crucially important to making sure each Annual Reading Carnival is a success!!  This year, the 5th Grade and the Kindergarten classes raised the most money during the Penny Wars week challenge in which all the K-5 classes participated.

As a reward, the Kindergarten class chose to walk up to the Corner Coop and get some Ice-Cream!

Many seniors have also been helping to get ready for the Reading Carnival.  Because of this, the Senior class volunteered to help walk the Kindergarten class up to the Corner Coop, both as a big thank you from the Reading Carnival Committee, but also as a help to make sure every Kindergartner had a good time at the Coop!